Vine School of Supernatural Ministry is a training ground for believers to become believers walking and living in their identities as sons and daughters of a Dad, who is King of all kings; a Dad that resources them through His Spirit in them, to bring Heaven to their environments and situations. VSSM meets 2 nights a week and students are transformed, equipped and released to take Heaven back to their homes and families, schools, workplaces, grocery stores, gas stations… wherever they go, they take the love of Jesus and power of Holy Spirit with them.




Transforming, equipping and releasing sons and daughters of the King to bring Heaven to earth in their environments and spheres of influence. 



Culture of Love

To create a culture to know the Father’s heart for us is to love Him, love ourselves, and love others. 

Culture to Empower

To create and instill a culture that is empowering because if we are empowered then we can push through doubts and fears with the Lord’s power. 

Culture to take RISK

To create a culture where it is okay and safe to fail. True failure is never trying. 

Culture of Accountability

To create a culture where there is an account for your ability in Christ and His Kingdom, NOT your disability. For this reason, VSSM is accountable to The Vine Church. 

Culture of Honor

To create a culture where the Lord receives the highest honor and we learn to honor others. A culture of honor teaches to recognize each other by their God-given identities and roles. Life flows through honor.